Items 1 – 12 of 19 Benbo Trekker MK3 Tripod. Regular Price: £ Savings: £ You Pay: £ Offer Ends: 7 Jan Availability: In Stock. Buy Now. Items 1 – 24 of and Sirui. Go to B&H for amazing prices and service. while the savings lasts! Benro TMA38CL Long Series 3 Mach3 Carbon Fiber Tripod. Benbo have been producing tripods for 35 years now. All Benbo tripods are manufactured in their UK Factory. Trustworthy and Reliable Brand.

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Benbo tripod questions. | Amateur Photographer

Material Aluminum Carbon Fiber Wood No, create an account now. My bekbo is that positioning for low level shots is pretty much impossible with the I have. I’m thinking of giving up forever on my Manfrustrating and getting a Benbo. I’ve had mine since they first came out and find it very useful for product shots.

The Benbo BEN Tripod has no center brace; however, the center column is sliding, allowing the column to be set vertically, horizontally, or anywhere in between.

More items related to this product. As to your other question, fitting the head shouldn’t tropod a problem. Additional Product Features Product Type.

If you think that Manfrotto is frustrating, then you’ll find the Benbo has a much longer learning curve – unless, of course, you can already play the bagpipes – honest bemvo not easy to handle! Hi Alan, I’ve got one of the original Benbo tripods.

Tripod Legs

I can take the column out completely and mount the head directly onto the body but that’s a faff on if out and about and still doesn’t provide the level of positional flexibility I’m looking for. The flexibility of the leg joint mechanism combined with the ability to swing the centre column through degress, allows the camera to be positioned at almost any point relative to the tripod legs.


I don’t think that there’s much chance of me seeing one in the metal and I think I’ll have to order one over the phone or on line but I’d like to ask a couple of quick questions just in case the suppliers aren’t a lot of help Description The latest version of this award-winning tripod now has added features making it the most versatile tripod in the Benbo range. However, Jessops have changed somewhat since then.

A hook at the bottom of the centre column allows a camera bag or other weight to be attached when greater stability is required. Benbo Benbo 1 Tripod About this product. Trouble is that’s the least bwmbo configuration, and it involves a long centre column extension.

Or design and make my own.

Benro Tripod Prices – Buy Benro Tripod at Lowest Prices in India | Payback

Will a Benbo accept my existing Manfrotto head? Alan, I haven’t had a Benbo but I did try a Uni-loc for a while.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. These often feature fluid heads for smooth panning. Uni-Loc seem rarer than Benbo, I can’t find a site for them. How to Choose Tripod Legs Camera tripods belong in every serious photographer’s toolkit. Top Highlights Load Capacity: You bbembo also like. While costing more than aluminum, this material offers a matchless combination of strength and lightness.

Pgice all seriousness, if that’s the way you like to work I wouldn’t recommend a Benbo. For further details see delivery estimates in cart. I’m just frustrated with the Manfrotto. Log in or Sign up. Prife This Page Tweet. More on the Way. This Benbo Tripod has twin camera mounting screws on the head, which allows the minimum working height of this tripod to have ground level camera shooting.


I seem to remember that Uniloc were a Jessops exclusive line. I’m beginning to understand why there’s nothing in the shops but Manfrustratings.

Be sure to pick up some tripod cases to protect your gear when traveling and to stash it away safely. Write the first review. Dec 31 ’18 at Free Expedited Shipping fcwwazuwzrdvsrezerzwxxdawwxf. My GF does a lot of product shots so maybe my current uncooperative tripod will be of use to her. So, if anyone has a Benbo can you please tell me Personally I quite like the ball head which you get in the kit form along with a bag Just out of interest I fitted my camera D1x to the ball head and had to stand on tip-toes to look through the viewfinder – I’m 6’2″ Hope that helps.

The latest version of this award winning tripod incorporates geared faces on the main joint components, ensuring that the joint can be locked firmly without undue tightening of the locking handle. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads.

Benbo Tripod, Trekker Mk 3, Kit. Benbo Trekker Mk 3 Extends to 1. This feature makes the Trekker ideally suited when subjects need to be photographed from above or at a low angle. They are, however, in their element when working at lower heights in awkward places.