Buy The Birth of the Modern World, Global Connections and Comparisons (Blackwell History of the World) 1st Edition by C. A. Bayly (ISBN. With this similarity in mind, C.A. Bayly’s The Birth of the Modern World makes for fascinating reading. In this wide-reaching history of impressive geographical. C.A. Bayly, The Birth of the Modern World, Global Connections and C.A. Bayly is well known to readers of this journal as a historian of colonial.

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You are currently using the site but have requested a page in the site. Would you like to change to the site? The Birth of the Modern World, – To write a history of this kind, the author must possess a command of his sources All these Bayly enjoys in abundance.

Readers will enjoy an invigorating and enriching experience. A brilliantly told global story. As an accomplished and innovative historian, Bayly has the rare ability not just to indicate the need for a ‘global approach to historical change’ but also to deliver, with scrupulous regard for the complexity of his subject.

Empire and genocide, nationalism and modernity – these are grand themes enough for many a work of history, but they do not exhaust the range of Bayly’s ambition and erudition. It is a tribute to Bayly’s skill that his discussion can be read with as much profit by those who are familiar with the historical debates he engages with as by those previously innocent of them.

The Birth of the Modern World, – C. A. Bayly – Google Books

This is a book that historians, foreign policy elites and protagonists on both eorld of the debate need to read Bayly has produced the most compelling and significant historical synthesis to appear for many years. Bayly holds the reader’s attention across a history of kingdoms In turn, what he delivers is a fascinating challenge to contemporary understandings of globalisation, religious belief and the threads of Empire.


Bayly not only deftly summarises a startling range of complex previous literature, as well as integrating it effectively into his bigger picture, but worpd pushes many of those theoretical debates forward.

Bayly’s analytical approach merits high praise and the wealth of information he presents is admirable. The Birth of the Modern World, – C. Added to Your Shopping Cart. Explores previously neglected sets of connections in world history. Shows how events in Asia, Africa and South America impacted on the world as a whole.

Considers the great themes of the nineteenth-century world, including the rise of the modern state, industrialisation and liberalism. Challenges and complements the regional and national approaches which have traditionally dominated history teaching and writing. About the Author C.

He is winner of the Wolfson History Prize for his distinguished contribution to the writing of history. List Of Tables And Maps.

The Organization Of The Book. Global History And Post-Modernism. Building Out From The Body: The End of The Old Regime:.

The Politics Of Difference. Harbingers Of New Political Formations. Trade, Finance And Innovation: The Activist, Patriotic State Evolves. Contemporaries Ponder The World Crisis. From France To China.

Nationalities Versus States And Empires. Polite And Commercial Peoples Worldwide. The Modern World In Genesis:. Between World Revolutions, C.


The Birth of the Modern World, 1780-1914: Global Connections and Comparisons

Wars Of Legitimacy In Asia: Industrialisation And The New City:. Historians, Industrialisation And Cities. The Progress Of Industrialisation. Nation, Empire And Ethnicity: Memories, National Associations And Print. From Community To Nation: Where We Stand With Nationalism. A World Of Nation States?.

From Globalisation To Inter-Nationalim. Dimensions Of The Modern State. The State And The Historians. Problems Of Defining The State. Tools Of The State. State, Economy And Nation. What Had The State Achieved?.

Liberalism And Land Reform: Radical Theory And Conservative Practice. Science In Global Context. Professionalisation At World Level. The View Of Recent Historians. Formalising Doctrines And Rites.

Religion And The Nation. The Spirits Of The Age. Arts And The People — A Mirror Of The City. Change, Decay Mkdern Crisis:. The Reconstitution Of Social Hierarchies:. Change And The Historians.

The Birth of the Modern World, 1780 – 1914

Why Rural Subordination Survived. Challenges To The Worl. State Service And Commerce. The White Deluge — The Deluge In Practice: Globalisation And Crisis — The rest of us must simply applaud. A thematic history of the world fromthe pivotal year of the revolutionary age, to the First World War, which ripped apart the contemporary system of states and empires. Series Blackwell History of the World.