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Christopher Rowley (born ) is an American writer specializing in the science fiction and Starhammer was followed by The Vang: The Military Form and The Vang: The Battlemaster to form a loosely connected trilogy (all published by. As a last resort, the gentle beings used the Starhammer to smash the Vang spacefleets and homeworld, leaving but few survivors. For a billion years a silvery. Starhammer by Christopher Rowley is the story of Jon Iehard, born a slave in the brutal Laowon Imperiom. The Laowon are a species of.

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In this book the human race, after coming into contact with a technologically superior, but morally corrupt alien race, have become their slaves. Add to that a good tempo and plenty of no nonsense violence and you have a quick pleasing read.

Retrieved June 25, This utterly lacks any of it. Then in the next twenty pages he is involved in a court conspiracy to assassinate an alien duke with a gun-imp If I was stahammer editor for a dictionary, I would put this book’s cover art next to the entry for “genre trash. The first book of a very loose trilogy StarhammerThe Vang: As with much sci-fi the characters are not the strong point and there’s no great emotional depth to be found here, but, as with much sci-fi, there’s a wealth of imagination.

Review — Starhammer by Christopher Rowley

The Ryetelth novels also include a tangential story, told in The Wizard and the Floating City that interrupted the sequence of Bazil Broketail novels and introduced new characters and a broadening of the conceptual framework of the entire series.

The native Vang fought each other for control of their homeworld, then expanded to their solar system and beyond. While being terrified by the movie on first viewing– people screamed and ran out starhamer the theatre I was in during that showing I was also busy acknowledging the smart science fiction sstarhammer to it. The Vang 3 books.


A much older, and wiser life form. But they were menaced by the parasitic Vang, a terrible race that regarded all other organisms as either host or food. In the last frantic days of the war, the Starhammer was used to smash the Vang space fleets, and burn Vang worlds, even as the remnant population of the Batrachians fled our universe entirely. Trivia About Starhammer The V Copyright Leigh Kimmel. The Vang are not really present except toward the end.

I wish I could find a copy to read today. It increased our chances of survival by twenty percent. However her bigoted father rowlfy enraged to know that she has even spoken to him without being properly chaperoned and decides to destroy Jon.

Aug 08, Justin rated it liked it. His dna was tinkered with by an alien called a Laowan, a species that over years ago defeated Earth and all of its colonies and now rules with an iron fist.


And that was the beginning of the end for the Laowon. The Aliens, however, had a major weakness. Now that I have a copy in hand, I’ve just finished reading it for the second time.

The mc is a genetically created human male. The staarhammer bursters would soon locate the population and begin the process of converting them to more eggs.

Books by Christopher Rowley. Educated for the most part at Brentwood School, Essex, England, he became a London-based journalist in the s. Jul 03, Azn rated it really liked it. The Military Form The Vang: Very pulpy sci fi, started off a little slow, but quickly gained my attention with it’s noirish elements rowlej world-building mythos. Baraf was captured by Pleonie, one of the Pleadies, and was burned to a barely habitable cinder.

Our jump spin was absorbed by the star. Another possible influence was Jack Vance’s magnificent “Durdane” trilogy, with his remarkable “Asutra” aliens. The Laowon are a species of blue-skinned humanoids who run a ruthless and repressive empire. A welcome had stxrhammer a rarity so far rowey his life, he was happy to accept one anywhere, even from a talking billiard ball.


But the story itself is so dark that it gets predictable and gross.

Christopher Rowley

The writing and editing process changed a lot in the few years after this was published. For example – The mote suddenly brayed, “Welc “In stormy midlatitudes we secured him, and laid him down, Tucked close to Nemo’s Piston a million fathoms round, where we laid him down, So don’t look for us in sun’s light lest the laowon hunt us down, To Hope and Nemo’s Piston, a million fathoms round.

For me, that seriously undercut the enjoyment I was able to extract from these pages, but looking around at other reviews I see that’s not the case for every reader.

And Eblis Bey held half the key to a weapon that could destroy the Laowon tyranny and bring freedom once more to Mankind! Jul 31, Tudor Stephens rated it it was amazing. It is to this hellhole that Jon and his companions must come.

Anyway this also causes the characters to be personality-free and utterly disposable. Daniel rated it it was amazing Jan 29, The Sleepers Awake Eons ago, a war was fought to the death between the parasitic and ferocious Vang and a race of gifted but doomed froglike creatures.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I also skipped through to the end once a particular character was about to meet a horrible fate. Either way his derelict ship was parked on a small planet with a reducing atmosphere stathammer broadcasting a warning signal to all passing traffic.

For the baseball player, see Chris Rowley.