It is the power that speaks to truth and truth gives way But this work is a grimoire, which means C:\Documents and Set The Psionic Sadist – Uncle Chuckie’s. Exercises from Basic Psionics by Charles CosimanoCREATING A TOUGHT- FORM What is a thought-form? A thought-form Elementary Psionics. Uploaded by. The word Psionic refers to any paranormal power of the mind or body and is a Fairport – Wade Elementary School – Armacham Technology Corporation’s.

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Alma Wade’s traumatic childhood caused her psionic abilities to develop malignantly out of control, thus turning her into a psychic reality warper. The word Psionic refers to any paranormal power of the mind or body and is a prevalent subject in the F.

Psionic individuals are those whose minds are as deadly as any common weapon. Alma Psiohics serves as the prime example of a negative-effect psionic and a quasi-cannibal psychic.

She is the apex psionic of Project Originwhile Paxton Fettelthe second of the two prototypes, is trained as a psychic commander in Project Perseuscontrolling the cloned, elite Replicas. Point Man is the first of the two Origin prototypes, exhibiting inhumanly superior reflexes that, once in effect, turn him instantly into an ultimate killing machine while the world goes in slow motion around him, reducing even the brightest and most advanced armies into nothing more than gory, bloody remains and corpses in a matter of seconds.

However, these elemnetary reflexes aren’t without unwanted side effects: Point Man possesses inhuman reflexes and other, more subtler capabilities due to his psionic heritage as Alma’s firstborn son.


Paxton Fettel, Alma’s second son, was made homicidal by his psychic link with his mother; causing elementaary to become a cannibal.

Upon his death, his consciousness endured as a disembodied spirit until being reborn as a kind of specter. Sign In Don’t have an account? Certain psychic individuals e.

Point Man have exhibited superhuman reflexes that allow them to act with vastly heightened speed and agility. Alma could cause hallucinations in others’ minds seemingly at will, and speak directly to them without needing to be physically present.

Alma was able to apply psychic influence onto the minds of others. Alma was shown enthralling Harold Keegan and causing him to wander into the abandoned Still Island nuclear power plant.

Additionally, Fettel telepathically took command of a battalion of cloned supersoldiers. Derived from her mind control, Alma could create realistic mental illusions, forcing her victims to perceive what she wanted. Alma usually used this technique to cause dread in the minds of her vicitms, subjecting them to horrific visions from her own warped perspective.

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Alma, most likely stemming from her telepathic abilties, had the ability to synchronize her mind with her youngest son, psionicss to as a ” Synchronicity Event. Alma and Fettle could both psionically levitate and manipulate matter to varying degrees. Fettel can deliver a psychic shock-wave that kills every enemy within a certain radius.

Alma was able to control and create fire out of pure psychic energy; her mere presence was typically “accented” by pxionics. Alma’s primary psionic attack, this ability can melt any target’s flesh off, leaving only a charred, blood-drenched skeleton behind. Given that the remains often give off smoke or steam, this is most likely related to her pyrokinetic abilities.


For example, she can cause illusions that are actually real, and she can create her own personal reality known as the Almaverse. Again, Alma Wade had created her own reality within her mind known as the Almaverse, but over time, it began to spill into the real world. Alma can summon these fragile but malevolent creatures, usually in large swarms, from the depths of her mind on the target, both in hallucinations and in reality.

Psionics – Wikipedia

She is unable to use it in reality until she is let out of the Origin Facility by her father. This is very similar to her ability to create Scavengers in F. Trivia Edit The exact source of psychic powers is not explicitly known. Paxton Fettel and his brother, the Point Man seemingly inherited their own psychic abilities from their mother, Alma Wade, suggesting a genetic link as an explanation for psychic powers.

However, as both Alma and Fettel’s psionic abilities extended to the spiritual level, allowing their spirits to return as psychic spectres, suggest a spiritual connection for their powers. First Encounter Assault Recon. Retrieved from ” http: Atwood – Aldus Bishop – Brett – E.

Elementary Psionics – Uncle Chuckie’s General Store

MacReady – Bill Moody – P. Alma’s Apparitions – Nightmare. Origin Facility Explosion – Synchronicity Events.

Psionics – Synchronicity Ppsionics – F. Alma’s Apparitions – Nightmare – Shade. Cheezee Pooz – Armacham Labeled Boxes.