Encuentra Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives de Alan Bullock (ISBN: ) en Amazon. Hitler Y Stalin. Vidas Paralelas (Kailas No Ficción). Alan. Claudia said: I used to teach Alan Bullock’s Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives in courses about tot it was amazing. Enorme libro sobre los tiranos Hitler y Stalin. Hitler y Stalin: Vidas paralelas (Kailas No Ficción nº 18) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Alan Bullock, Pedro Gálvez Séneca: : Kindle Store.

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The style is elegant and crisp: View all 7 comments. Not as good as his first biography of Hitler, but still facinating.

Those that really want to dig into the historical debates can find sources in his notes, while those bjllock really don’t want to dig, can read an accessible one volume work about both Hitler and Stalin. Paperbackpages. I think it is poetic justice that he died virtually at his own hand.

As the title suggests, Bullock alternates chapters on Hitler with those on Stalin. It was a good book, but i To understand History and how Evil comes to power. But in the end I think the prize for most evil man of the 20th staln or perhaps any century goes to This section by its nature flows better and possesses greater coherence however its bedrock is the ;aralelas individual treatment earlier in the book.

This is not a pleasant read, but it shouldn’t be. Whatever their rhetoric and ideology, both sociopathic tyrants ultimately craved power for its own sake, at the expense of everyone else, even the causes and allies they initially claimed to support.


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I have learnt so much about Stalin and the rise and continuation of communism. Its important to understand this Evil in it’s purest form so it cannot happen again.

In these pages are one of the most significant factors which will later be telling in the war effort. One point of strong comparison between the two parlelas is their dual sense of historical purpose. He needed to conquer more territory in order to keep rearming and vice versa. Each believes they have a destiny as great men, which gives them the confidence and determination to pursue power with great effectiveness.

Communism, nazism ideology, political context, Molotov—Ribbentrop Pact, you got it all covered. Mar 30, Pablo rated it it was amazing.

Bullock offers a monumental social biography of two of the most evil dictators in human history as well as an epic sketch of an era. Parallel lives of Hitler and Stalin, goes in depth of policts behind it all. Hitler was a big picture visionary who did not involve himself in the minutiae of administration until he started losing the War when he began micro-managing several battles unsuccessfully from the Berghof.

Mar 02, Lewis Smith rated it really liked it.

Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives by Alan Bullock

Kindle Direct Publishing Publica tu libro en papel y digital de manera independiente. Bullock places the two men side by side, sometimes in the same chapter, sometimes in successive chapters, and sometimes at the same time chronologically, while others at the same phase in their lives.

Bullock’s “Hitler and Stalin: Books by Alan Bullock. The ensuing war ztalin dealt with well at a strategic and diplomatic level. It certainly is an idea with merit, comparing two of history’s worst despots’ lives in such a way, I just could not get over the way it was told and the dryness which fills the text.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Preview blulock Hitler and Stalin by Alan Bullock. A great narrator and historian. I was surprised by this book- erratic and all over the place with its timelines of both men. While Hitler and Stalin’s stories differed in key ways, that only serves to make the story stronger; monsters masquerading as humans don’t have a single origin story.

Overa I read this book when it first came out over 20 years ago, and last school year I picked it up and started over again. They were completely indifferent to human life. There is justice in the universe. Magisterial work of dual biography. I am so concerened that it is happening again, look at the power vacume of the presidency today. Amazon Music Transmite millones de canciones.

To understand History and how Evil comes to power. The early twentieth century and the first World War had eliminated imperialism in these countries leaving them uncertain about the best form of government.

Must Read — Stalim of the truly great works of historical synthesis in the 20th century.

Apr 04, Matthew Dambro rated it it was amazing. Forty years after his Hitler: