Text Books 1. An Approach to communication skills: by Indrajit Bhattacharya. 2. Business correspondence and Report Writing: by R.C Sharma& Krishna Mohan. Approach to communication skills. by “Bhattacharya, Indrajit”. Published by: ” Dhanpat Rai & Co.,” (Delhi:) Physical details: p.% Year: Tags from this . An Approach to Communication Skills [ Indrajit Bhattacharya ]Edition:New edition . Publisher:Dhanpat Rai & Co. Seller’s information. Price: 90 51%off.

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To increase the student s ability to improve and utilize the skills necessary to be a competent Interpersonal communicator. To increases the student s understands of his or her own communication behavior. To increase the student understands of others communication behaviors.

To improve the students communication skills in both social and professional contexts. To improve the student s ability to demonstrate effective conflict resolution skills. You will be asked to complete questionnaires, Questionnaires are designed to assess you communication skills, You will be asked to write a review on each questionnaire assignment. Self Concept Paper A paper to assess your self concept approximate lenth5 pages.

An Approach to inrajit skills: Business correspondence and Report Writing: A Text Book of Economic Theory: Factor such as natural, Cultural, economic, planning, technological, Indian information technology scenario, effect of technology on social institutions.

Trade unions; meaning and definition, functions of Indian trade Union,recent emerging trend in Indian trade unions. Dynamics of Behavioural Science in Industry: Fundamental of Industrial Sociology: Monapa, Tata Mcgraw Hill 18ed, Innovation and change in organization: Dwivedi, Macmillan Indian Ltd, Delhi The system and process of controlling, control technique and information Technology, Productivity and Operations Management, Overall and Preventive Control.

Toward a Unified, Global Management Theory. Fundamental of Management S. Handbook of Management skills Jaico Publishing House 4. Principles of Management K.

Essentials of Management J. Developing and change; Group Cohesiveness; Influence Processes: Interpersonal Trust; Group Decision Making: Essay in Interpersonal Dynamics.

New Jersey Prentice Hall Inc.

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Practical Readings of Management 5 th ed. Introduction to human Resource Management, Growin: Communicatin of Human Resource. Personnel Management and Professionalisation. Principles of Personnel Management. Keith Davis, Human Relations at work. Mathis and John H. Javeson, Personnel Human Resource Management 4 th ed.


Schuler, Personnel and Human Resource Management 2 nd ed. De Cenzo and Stephen P. Robbins, Personnel Human Resource Management 3 rd ed. Tandon editedHuman Resource Development. Megginson, Personnel and Human Resources Administration. GROUPS Meaning and definitions, types of groups, characteristics, functions of formal and informal groups, merits and demerits of informal groups. A definition and concept of capital budgeting, importance of capital budgeting methods of appraisal Pay back, average r5ate of return, IRR and NPV methods.

Cost of capital importance, definition and concept, measurement of cost of capital of a specific source and overall cost of capital. Management of cash and near cash assets. Short term Finances, Financing Decisions: Capitalization and capital structure. Long term finance shares and bhsttacharya, Loan. Van Forns, Financial Management and Policy 3. Esra Coloman, Theory of Financial Management. The marketing environment and environment scanning. Marketing Information System and Marketing Research.

Pricing methods and strategies. Cooperation and conflict management, vertical marketing implementation and systems. New issues in marketing Globalization Consumerism. Kotler, Philip Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Control.

Communication Skills (HU 101)

This course builds on managerial communication skills developed in Management Communication for undergraduates or communication of Managers. It introduces interactive oral and interpersonal communication skills important to managers.

Including; presenting to a hostile audience. And contributing to group decision making. Working in teams, students present a communication topic of their choosing to the class. An individual project challenges students to address a business audience in written and oral forms.

An Introduction to Research: Meaning, Process, Defining, Research Problem:. Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource and Management Rationale The role of Human Resource has changed greatly since medieval times when the major motivational factions were basic human necessities and.

Index Click on the subject for detailed. Fundamental of Management 2.

College Books : An Approach to Communication Skills (OLD)

Accounting for Managers 4. Statistics for Management 5.

Aims To give formal instructions and training to students to be future managers of the Event Industry. So that, they technical proficiency.


Associate in Applied Science. Communicatkon Item No. Human Resource Management Paper communicagion. To comprehend the emerging trends in HRM. Name of the Paper No. Marks 1 Human Resources Development. Course Descriptions for the Business Essentials Program Upon completion of one, two, three or four quarters, students will earn Certificates of Completion.

All courses listed are required in order to earn. The course is based on the important provisions of Income Tax Act, relating to corporate assesses. The course aims to provide knowledge to the.

Far-western University Faculty of Management Course: Fundamentals of Financial Management Full marks: Mgt FIN Pass marks: Higher Diploma Programme in Business and Human Resource Management Syllabus English Reading and Writing This module gives students integrated instruction on reading and writing with emphasis on critical.

The organization and management of international business Teacher: The programme discusses the problems of management and organization of international. Human Resource Management Code: How it is useful for organisations? Recruitment and Selection are two different. Enclosure to Item No. The objective of this course is to explain the students fundamentals principles and practices of marketing as well as create awareness about other inter. To provide a basic knowledge of the business environment and business activities in Hong Kong.

To develop an understanding of the integrated and changing. Business Management Candidates demonstrate an understanding of the purpose. Sales management is a course that focuses. Global Business Management Dr. Key Core Courses for Business Management Technology Program and list of learning buattacharya from syllabi, with highlighted essential learning outcomes that will be assessed in future for program outcomes. Students communnication how to. Syllabus for Entrance Test for Admission to Ph.